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It seems the more I enjoy my Second Life, the more complicated my Second Life becomes. For instance, I own some land for my businesses and a little beach plot where I put down a house. But I also got myself a Linden Home just because. I mean why not they are essential free.

With this decision comes a need for new furniture for the new little Tahoe themed place I got. Over the years I have had probably 5 different Linden homes. They are not really practical to actually live in because they are so small. Mostly they are one room boxes. However, I think I have got an idea of how to partition this one off to make it “tiny house”-like. A good project to add to the 10 – 15 projects, I have yet to complete.


To fit the Tahoe theme I need things that are rustic, I found a nice furniture store called “The World of Wood“. There is a great rustic living room set there that I intend to purchase for my Linden Home.

This set will go well in my little cabin.

When I at my Linden Home I have a little feeling of relaxation from the woodsy scenery. I can imagine how it must feel to like the cabin lifestyle. This cabinet behind me is so well detailed, I would love to purchase it but it is way to big. I love the rich coloring and all the shelving that I can stick my own creations into.

This cow hide rug is really speaking to me. It will look nice on the cabin floor. Yesterday I was watching a interior designer on YouTube who is obsessed with putting fur rugs on top of square flat rugs over wood or stone floors. I might try that idea at the cabin.

The most challenging aspect of cabin life has got to be living without electricity. Lucky for me that my Linden Home is wired and good access to water which would be another issue. I have a little patio space I might just turn that into an outdoor bathroom. I hope I will be able to fit a free standing tub, it would be really nice.

I like the wood furnishings available at The World of Wood. There are swing sets, pumpkins and outdoor seating that is high quality and priced well.

The World of Wood in Second Life®

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