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December 10, 2017

Holidays and Fashion Loft

Tonight,  I discovered Fashion Loft, and  I was delighted for all that was possible for a fashionista like me.  Hahaha, I found the Fashion Loft Group on Facebook and I decided to TP over to the Moonfight location to see what was the what.  Fashion Loft is a social group that was created to bring fun into fashion.  It is like a country club for the fashion elite. There are multiple locations where fashion designers, bloggers, models, photographers, fashionistos, and fashionistas can come together and socialize.

I decided to hang out here awhile. The holiday season is here and Fashion Loft is in the spirit.  Everywhere I look there is the elegant touch of a White Christmas.  In the main building, I fell in love with the room pictured below. All of the decors were so exquisite I quietly wished that I had not been alone.


I took time to sit and contemplate the incoming year.  I longed for a nice cup of hot chocolate, a good book, and a warm blanket.  I hoped to see a top model walk in completely dressed to the nines.  I dreamed of doing an interview with one of the infamous Lu sisters in this very room.



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