I discovered Second Life back in 2006, and it has been the most rewarding digital entertainment I have ever experienced. I use the word digital entertainment because that phrase is the most generic term that I can think of in this writing moment. Most residents of Second Life call it a game. I really dislike the reference to Second Life as a game. Second Life is not a game, it is exactly what it is titled as a “Second Life”. For people who chose to participate it in, it is their second digital life. It is a platform that allows a person to virtual represent themselves in a community of like others.

Formally, the definition of a game is a sport or a form of play in which a competition is demonstrated and is decided by rules that showcase skill, strength or luck. It also is a period of play with a definite result. Neither of these definitions describe Second Life.

Second Life is not a game, it is a virtual platform where a person can represent themselves digitally and interact in a simulated community. ~Lixena Lamourfou

What is Second Life to me?

Second Life is a virtual environment where there is no definite goal, you do not have to demonstrate a particular skill, strength and luck generally is not a factor. Generally, people define Second Life as an online world. That is true, however it lacks to convey the potentiality of life experience that can be lived digitally for its residents (users).

My second life was made up of virtual family, husbands, friends and enemies. In Second Life I became a virtual entrepreneur, and expressed myself creatively in ways that my first life did not all. The skills that I honed in my second life have changed the direction and velocity of my first life and for that I am thankful for my virtual life.

I had stopped logging into Second Life last year, because I felt as though I had come to the end of my digital adventures. Possibly, I was suffering from burnout and just needed time to re-evaluate how to motivate my digital me, that is Lixena Lamourfou.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic I have been isolated and praticing deep meditation. I discovered that it was not just my second life that need refocusing, it was my first life as well. In this introspection I found my motivation and a deep appreciation to my digitial persona which is beautiful additive to my success and happiness. So I am back.