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June 29, 2018

Movie Night with the Family

I love Friday nights, they always seems to be full of fun to me. Tonight I had the opportunity to catch a movie with my brother at his sim. I just love all that he has going on.  He has created Star City a fantastic modern sim that is the home famously of both The Sound Factory and All That Jazz Nightclub. There are many other such as stores, condos, parks and such. A perfect place for a date or photoshoot. But we were hanging out at the theatre.

I just love seeing movies at the theatre.  There is nothing better than a great movie, a tub of popcorn and a good companion to share it with.  My brother has really captured the feeling of movie going here.  The seats are plush and comfortable and they all have a nice view of the scene.



The refreshments are in the front and they just remind me how comforting going to the theater is for me.  As we were chilling I took a bit of time to reminisce about my favorite movies. I thought also about how the technology has changed in Second Life so much from 2006 to present in regards to importing video.  Being able to stream YouTube now in SL is also a game changer. I have spend many hours watching movies in SL and in those moments I feel like I was most in harmony with my First Life and Second Life.


In all it was a good time, and if you would like to come through and catch a movie or to see the what else is available please visit Star City here.


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