My SL® Evolution Revisited 2018

Back in 2011 or so, I got asked to participate in an Art Exhibit where resident were selected to showcase in a photo how they have evolved their look in Second Life over time.

It all started with a Second Life forum post by Harper Beresford where she asked, “how has your look changed over the years?”  Strawberry Singh also spoke about in her own post about ethnicity in SL.


A few days ago I stumbled upon the photo I put together showing my evolution and decided it needed an upgrade.  In all the years I have been living in SL, what brings me additional pleasure is looking back at photos.  While looking through photos I seem to relive my experiences.

Some days I am amazed that I still have the same feelings of excitement about Second Life as I did in that first year. However, some days Second Life to me is like being a member of a super fancy gym that you never go to.  You have all the reasons to go to the gym but there seems to never be enough time to include a consistent workout. You don’t even consider the money you are spending holding on to your membership is a waste because you are always planning to do better.

I love my Second Life, but mostly it is in a very stagnate mode.  I log on to a home full of unfinished projects and outdated furniture.

The photo of my evolution is a testament to my successes and failures my inattention and dedication.


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