My Trip to the Second Life’s 15th Community Birthday Celebration

It is that time of year, where Second Life is celebrating their 15th Anniversary of their existence. This year Second Life celebrates with a Crystal theme. Although most 15 year anniversaries are celebrated with crystal, timepieces, red jewelry, and red roses.

Of all the birthday celebrations I think this one is the one I am most excited about because 15 years is a definite milestone. My own rezz day is just around the corner where I will be celebrating 12 years of Second Life residency. And I feel that I am just into my adulthood in Second Life terms.


So like most community celebration, the Lindens put together a week-long celebration centered around the exhibit of a multiple sim sculpture art build projects, gift giveaways, and a musical festival.


I did not attend the music festival however, I visited a couple of the sims art sculpture project builds.  I liked that the over color schema was full of vibrant pastels however, it was nice to see how dark colors really popped in contrast with the other builds.  I enjoyed this crystal forest with dark colored trees which I believed to be made of crystal as well.  I also found the golden bushes and foliage to be pleasant to my eye as well.

As a builder myself, I found it fantastical all the art projects that were large scaled.  This project below was probably 250-500 meters tall if I had to guess.  The palm of the hand was at least two-times my 7 foot stature. I think that the plot itself and all the exhibits were at least 512×512 meters in size. The hand had a mate that were both holding a giant crystal ball.  With a tribal worship scene inside.  It was like a giant crystal snow globe without the snow of course.


This exhibit was very impressive it was enclosed in a large dark box. With a ceiling that mimicked the night sky with lots of tiny sparkling stars.  It was a park with lazy twisting stone paths cutting through it, lined with easels displaying scenic photographs.  Of the all my favorite was the one shot of a bike rike filled with parked bikes.


I wonder how many of the exhibitors participate from year to year for the Second Life Commuity Birthday Celebration. Because there were more than a few that were not coherent to the crystal theme and I found them to be intriguing.  I wondered especially the meaning of this exhibit.  It was a dense and eerie, cornfield.  I have no idea was a cornfield stood for but all I could recall was the movie, Children of the Corn.  I wondered it the builder (artist) was making a political statement or if I was just reading too much into it.  I of  course had to navigate to the middle of the deep field to see what was beyond the corn and I did not find a creepy ritual clearing with a bleeding scarecrow.  Neither did a human-eating ancient insect-toid fly over my head.  Though I will definitely say that it gave me a huge case of “jeepers-creepers”.


I found a humongous auditorium that was constructed as a starship.  The inside of the construction was pretty simple.  It was entertaining though to consider that it was functional for more than nostalgia.

The starship was not a complete construction, it was only the separated bridge that used.  To get inside the structure you had to walk through this high tech-tunnel that seemed to take a full 5 minutes to get to the end.

This next exhibit acutally made me gasp when I saw it on the horizon.  It was unmistakably Cinderella’s Castle.  Or maybe more appropriately, Cinderesident’s Crystal Castle. I was all dreamy and bright I wanted to be like Godilock’s and spend the night there eating out of Cinder’s frig.


As I worked out the nerve to go inside a sit for a spell.  I was accosted by Cinderesident and Prinz

Oh well.

So, overall I loved the celebration.  It is a good thing for Second Life and the Community to take the time to acknowledge another year spent in virtual prosperity.   I had heard that the highlight of the music festival was the huge cake that was constructed to commemorate the end of the celebration.  So I headed over to see this… I found a cake but this was the size of a gift bag.



I searched on crossing a sim line to find a grid marking the street and then Holy Pixels!!


The structure seemed to be the full size of a sim.  As you can see the dark structure next to it was an art exhibit that I mentioned earlier I suspect to be 512 x 512 meters in size. The Second Life 15th Community Celebration birthday cake was completely dwarfing it.  On closer inspection I was dazzled by the details of each crystal chandelier draping of the cake’s design.  There were hundreds of chandeliers.


After getting my bearings I realized that the birthday cake as a huge dance hall that could accomodate at least 100 people. I jumped up on the stage to spin the turntables in tribute to my 12 years of Second Life.

Second Life 15th Birthday Community Celebration
Second Life,
June 18, 2018
June 23, 2018

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