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November 15, 2010

God in the Virtual

I saw a note the other day from a friend of a friend a farewell of sorts.  This person and I had only encountered each other once and it did not go well and I had remembered them only based on that fact.  I stereotyped this person as a “Peter/Petrina…

Community featured
November 12, 2010

Second Football League®

Contact: Ms Candace Tackett (SFL) / Mr Marcus Kretschmer (MBC) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAvatar: Ms Ione Meriman (SFL) / Mr Marc Montague (MBC)Telephone: SKYPE: ione.meriman (SFL) / marcus.kretschmer (MBC)E-mail: / The Second Football League® is proud to announce the broadcasting of all live SFL® Games on Metaverse TV®.Advertisement After…

Entertainment featured
November 11, 2010

Phaylen’s HARBINGER SL’s Biggest Fear

Phaylen Fairchild has done it again. She has kept most of SL delightfully entertained with her DiVAS video series for the past two years. And now in celebration of Halloween this year she decided to do an epic Second Life Horror Film, HARBINGER. This film is one that you should watch…

Beauty featured Reviews
November 7, 2010

B[u]YME a New Look!!

I have been thinking about changing my skin, it looks a bit flat in pictures now. I have seen quite a few photo-realistic skins that I think would be similar to my current look so I am excited about a change. But it is a hard decision to make, because…

Fashion featured Lixena Marcus Lixena, Inc
November 5, 2010

Stacy Pink Fandango Strapless Dress

SOLEIL COLLECTION This Dress is Stacy Pink Fandango Strapless and it is sweet as candy. It is a great way to add some sugar to your step that makes you dance throughout the day.. Wear this dress and be as sexy as cotton candy and spicy as salsa. A great…

Fashion featured Lixena Marcus
November 4, 2010

Julia Violet Print Dress

SOLEIL COLLECTION Julia Violet Print Dress is a gorgeous way to attend a wedding, baby shower or any other ladies who lunch function. The skirting is a flattering length, and the decolletage is smart and sassy.Advertisement This is a Lixena Marcus EXCLUSIVE only a limited number of this dress will…

Community featured Linden Labs
October 27, 2010

Botgirl says most people in SL are just ‘Silent Avatars’

I am perturbed by botgirl’s(guy’s) post. It is so pretentious. I am always surprised the way that some people act in regards to Second Life, its social structure and their place in it. Basically, Second Life is a large community of people who try to find a way to connect…

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October 24, 2010

ETD is back as Elikatira

Elika Tiramasu sent out to her group yesterday this announcement. Well, now I have a store!!!I also have new releases!! I have more releases planned for the future (of the things I didn’t have time to get ready for today) so those will be coming soon. Including hair for the…