Photography in Second Life

What is great about Second Life is the ability to preserve your experiences with pictures. I love wandering around taking pictures of all the pretty sights. It is more enjoyable then even doing this in First Life because in Second Life you can control all the variables. If the lighting is not right you can change the environment and force the sun up or down.

If something is missing in the picture like a great prop of a bicycle or a field full of flowers you can build a scene within 10 minutes and for free if you have the items in your inventory library.


I also find that taking pictures of family and friends is more enjoyable because Second Life provides a way for you to take a picture without them knowing that they are being photographed. While that seems a little creepy it also allows for the moment to be captured more naturally.


Photography to me is the act of catching a moment which is passing, preserving the essence of that moment.  Some people will say that photography itself is a virtual reality because you can create an illusion of light, space, and color.  So a photo of virtual reality moment is a special paradox. It is the truth of what was presented in that quick click of the shutter and it can hardly be recreated again in the same way.  I look back at a lot of my old SL photos and I relive the emotions and sensations of what I saw through my virtual camera lens. It is a comparative reflection that can be somewhat like a meditation.

As the landscape and composition of Second Life changes every day it is important to capture the immediate reaction of it all.  Having a photo of an event, a recognition, a creative art.

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