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November 25, 2017

Slink Sexy Cool Style: Update Your Body

I have been so focused on getting back acclimated to the game that I have overlooked a simple basic, make sure I have the latest updates for everything. So, I overlooked updating my Slink Body. I bought my first and only Slink Mesh Body back in November, 2016. From what I could tell it seemed as Siddean Munro was no longer active with Second Life, her website seemed to be dead, however the SL Marketplace Store was still flourishing on supporting her creations and many fashion designers were still making clothing for the Slink Body. So I took the chance and purchased the Hourglass version.

Slink Dynamic Mesh Hands Second Life
Slink Dynamic Mesh Hands

The previous year before I had purchased the Slink High Feet and the Slink Hands. Once I put on the Slink body I did encounter a bit of a learning curve but within a couple of days I was mesh beautiful.

Slink Mesh Feet Body Enhancements Second Life
Slink Mesh Feet High

And now I am completely in love with my mesh body and can’t believe how I existed without one for so long. If you have a Slink Body or any of the Slink Enhancements and are not apart of the Group, then you might have missed the updates that have happened this year.

Slink Hourglass Mesh Body

It is not too late. To get an upgrade teleport over to the main store here.  look for an ATM near the front door which is the Re-Delivery System. It will check to see what enhancements are eligible for re-delivery and sends them to you. You can double-check what the current versions of all the Slink Body Enhancements here.

Once you have the new updated version of your Slink Mesh Body go through the setup steps and then enjoy your new updated body enhancement.


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