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The Reality of Kim Kardashian West Visiting Second Life®

Kim Kardashian West was in Second Life….well sort of.

I found out about all of this is, as I was catching up on the Zoha Islands blog (which is very informative) and came across this post.  It detailed how Kim Kardashian West on her Instagram was posting pictures of herself in Second Life to promote her new #KIMOJIPERFUME from her #KKWFRAGRANCE line. [However she gave no credit to Second Life]


So I checked it out because and I have to admit a KKW / Second Life collaboration would be nice if it was done well.  So completely curious, I grazed through the comments to see who had aided Kim in getting herself all dolled out, because I really doubt that Kim Kardashian West found SL on her own. If she had known about SL why did she use IMVU to create her infamous emoji’s when it is clear that the visuals in SL have surpassed IMVU since 2008 or so.  I suspect there is a SL resident that is involved somehow.

Here is how Kim is representing her product line and beauty on her fragrance Instagram from Second Life:

Kim Kardashian West in Second Life the body


This image of her baking her under-eye foundation is a good shot much better than the one above. It is very much in the way that she represents herself through all her social media.  It is exactly what you would expect to see of her in Second Life. However, both of these photos I do not recognize the avatar as Kim Kardashian.


Kim Kardashian West in Second Life Beauty Primming

Most of the photos with Kim centered around the peach neglecting the cherry and the vibes imagery.  With this product promotion, I understood that the peach, the cherry and the chat bubble pictured below are perfumes. So I went on a search to find them virtually in Second Life. I mean how easy is it to make a bottle. I wondered was there an actually mesh representation or where they just photoshopped in. Because we know the Kardashians love photoshop.  Honestly, I do as well.


I needed a creator name to make the search more efficient. I thought I might find the creator commenting in the Instagram posts and I found @lizmilanwest on Instagram  who proclaimed to be the creator.  I was correct in that Kim Kardashian West was aided by a SL Resident and not doing this on her own.

Liz Milan West I am the creator in Second Life 2018

I also found an interview that she (Liz Milan West) did speaking about her role in the Kim Kardashian promotion. I was so disappointed that Liz alluded to her creating Kim’s avatar on Instagram and in the interview. Actually, the interview introduced her as the artist who turned Kim Kardashian West into an avatar. I did not believe that was true.  Over the years, I have seen numerous Kim Kardashian faces in SL. Liz Milan West could not be the first.

Liz Milan West KKW creator

I then searched to confirm this, I reasoned that some SL creators still have a relationship with the SL Marketplace.  So I started there and I did find a store called LMW, that sells horrible lip injectibles and what looks like a flat image of a KKW BODY Perfume Bottle for L$500. with a lizzylo1212 Xue as the creator.  There was no skin or shape being offered as one of her creations. I believe that skin that recreates Kim Kardashian West shown in the promotion is the hard work of some undisclosed SL skin and shape designer (artists) that are not Liz Milan West.

I question why as a creator did Liz Milan West pass up the opportunity to create some virtual products (a perfume bottle) to sell or distribute for free to enhance the marketing influence of this supposedly KKW promotion. Why just pimp out SL for the images and not give the community a chance to participate or enjoy a cute little KKW bit of sway. In the least some T-shirts in the Marketplace would have been nice. An full event would have been even better.

The author of the Zoha Islands post like me wondered what will be the result of this promotion and if this will result in a stream of new users.  What I have considered is that it just might draw new residents to SL. If SL is credited properly.

Let’s just surmise that if 1% of the 1.2 million likes she got on her several Instagram posts converted into SL registrations that would result in roughly 10,000 new avatars. With most of them ready and able to become beauty and fashion consumers. That would be a nice bit of revenue to all the fantastic beauty and fashion creators here.

Though I doubt SL will be properly credited, because of her deal with IMVU and as the Kardashian family on social media has already gotten into some hot water in the past by not properly crediting some brands and appropriating things from others. This is no surprise.

The irony of it all, is that in even Kim Kardashian West is not herself in Second Life.

Kim Kardashian West in Second Life as a blonde

***At the time of my posting, I was double fact checking myself and found that Kim Kardashian West has deleted all the Second Life posts off of her personal account but they are still on her KKWFragrance account.

Kim Kardashian West
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